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Top Expert Entry

October 30, 2021

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450 Open Expert payout:
1st. $2500.00, 2nd. $2000.00, 3rd. $1500.00, 4th. $1000.00, 5th. $750.00, 6th. $600.00, 7th. $400.00, 8th. $350.00, 9th $300.00, 10th. $250.00, 11th. $200.00, 12th. $149.00.

Open Vet. 30+ payout: 100% payback from Saturday’s entries

Running of the Buls payout: Steffan Nielsen guidelines apply

$75(Per Class)

    Need to purchase or renew? Contact Rex Bothell @

    By checking this box, you understand that all race bikes will be required to meet and not exceed 99 decibels. Random sound testing may be conducted by race officials at an given time. Act in a professional manor always. You are also responsible for your pit crew - support team members conduct. Maintain an orderly, safe, and clean pit area which is to include a fire extinguisher, be free of used oil, motorcycle parts, used tires, etc. (et al) post event.

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